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Occupational Health Service

An Occupational Health Assessment is performed by an Occupational Health Physician, its main aim is to advise employers on the employee’s health, determining their fitness to work.

Occupational Health

Dr Buckley specialises in Occupational Health services and provides services to Manufacturing, Engineering and SMEs.

An Occupational Health Assessment is a medical examination performed by an Occupational Health Physician. Its main aim is to advise employers on the employee’s health, determining their fitness to work and make recommendations on what adjustments could be considered to ensure a safe/healthy working environment for that employee.

We also provide independent

  • Ill health retirement medicals
  • Pension Board Assessment
  • Executive Medical Screening
  • Occupational Health Review/Fitness to work medicals
  • Injury Claim Reports
  • Policy Reports
  • Urgent GP Service
  • Pre-Employment Medicals.
  • Pre-Retirement Medicals.
  • Visa Medicals
  • Travel & Occupational Vaccinations.

Questions and Answers on Occupational Health for the employee


Who is the Occupational Health Doctor?

The Occupational Health Physician is a doctor who has a specialist qualification, different to that of your GP.  Occupational Health Physicians use their medical expertise to assess fitness for work, provide advice on workplace adjustments, prevent ill health and promote health and wellbeing.  All physicians are medically qualified and specialise in occupational health and associated specialities to ensure you are assessed and advised appropriately.


Why have I been referred?

You may be referred for an occupational health assessment,

If you:

  • Have been absent from work
  • Have health problem that prevents you from carrying out all or parts of your job
  • If you have had an accident at work.

If your employer

  • Needs to better understand how long you might be absent/if you will achieve a return to work and timescales.
  • May need to better understand if any adjustments are needed to be put in place on your return with regard to working hours, activities, etc.

If you are starting a new job:

  • To advise the employer on aspects of your health that might be made worse by a particular activity and also on your fitness to perform a particular role.

Or due to health surveillance:

  • Ensures that early signs of ill-health can be detected and dealt with promptly before becoming a long-term problem in relation to your work environment.
  • Recommendations may also be made to ensure that there is appropriate personal protective equipment.


What is involved in an Occupational Health Assessment?

The Occupational Health Doctor will have been sent a referral asking him/her to address asking him/her to address certain issues relating to your health and fitness for work.  You will be allocated 45 minutes with the doctor where the doctor will start the assessment by discussing your role in work and will then proceed to assess the reason for your referral, the nature of your medical complaints and associated work absence. At the end of the history taking if it is appropriate the doctor may do a physical examination. The OH assessment is an independent review of your health in relation to your fitness to work.  You may be asked to give your consent to allow them to contact your GP or specialist for medical information.  The information that is gathered remains confidential and only information that is relevant to your job and/or attendance at work will be shared with your employer.


What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?

Bring with you the name of any medication you are taking, details of your GP and hospital specialist, copies of any letters written to your GP by the specialist, copies of reports from X-Rays, CAT Scans (not the CD) if you have them and any other relevant documentation.


What will be in the report?

The OH doctor will write a report that will include the reasons for your absence, recommendations regarding your fitness for work and likely timescale of return to work and any adjustments/restrictions is required. This will help the company to k now how to accommodate your needs in the workplace.

Recent Clients Include

Health and Safety Authority (HSA), Louth / Monaghan / Longford County Councils,
Mondelez  (Cadburys), RHI Magnesita, Kepak (Meat processors), Arthur Cox, Irish Waterways,
Monaghan Mushrooms, Irish Wheelchair Association, BD Drogheda

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